Marijuana in a medicine bottle

About 2 or 3 years ago.

Have You Seen An Increase In The Number Of People Charged With OVI Marijuana Since That Time?

I have seen an increase in people charged with OVI Marijuana since its legalization, but not a dramatic increase.

What Happens When An Officer Pulls Someone Over On Suspicion Of Being Impaired Non-Alcoholically? What Steps Do They Take In Their Investigation To Determine Impairment?

In Ohio, there are not a lot of officers trained as Drug Recognition Experts (DREs). Therefore, officers will generally run the same field sobriety tests as they do for alcohol. This is problematic because these tests are not designed specifically for any substance other than alcohol. Usually, officers will be suspicious if they can smell marijuana in your car, and may arrest you and ask you to conduct a urine test.

Can I Refuse A Urine Test In A Marijuana OVI Case?

Yes. I always advise people not to agree to a urine test for marijuana, because we can fight it. If all the officers do are alcohol-related field sobriety tests, we can fight their charges because they do not have objective evidence proving someone is under the influence of marijuana.

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