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In addition to criminal penalties, fines, jail, and a driver’s license suspension, the consequences of an OVI can affect a person’s employment. An OVI can lead to job termination or the challenge of getting hired for a job. Whether a person stands to lose or obtain employment due to an OVI will all depend on their particular circumstances.

Some employers do not tolerate OVI convictions. As such, they will fire employees who have been arrested and convicted of an OVI. Employers who have a no-tolerance policy for OVI charges or convictions should make it known to their employees in their employment contract. For instance, Professional agencies are known to have stringent standards when it comes to charges and/or convictions. Individuals who hold professional licenses, such as doctors, lawyers, nurses, and accountants, usually have high standards that they must uphold in order to maintain their professional licenses. Therefore, an arrest or conviction of any kind could cause the loss of their professional license and career.

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If a person drives as part of their job, they may be in jeopardy of losing their job. Truck drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers, and ride share drivers are particularly on the line. Drivers whose job it is to drive others will not be able to fulfill their essential job requirement. In other words, if a driver’s license gets suspended due to an OVI conviction, they will not be able to perform the primary function of their job – to drive others. Moreover, the companies who hire drivers have a duty to the public to provide safe and reliable transportation services. An OVI conviction may pose too much of a risk and liability.

Even if a job does not have a policy that terminates employment for an OVI, that does not mean a person is safe from losing their job. OVI charges tend to require a lot of time. There are court appearances, jail sentences to fulfill, community service, and court-imposed programs that a person may need time to attend. All of these requirements can impact your job standing.

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